Cheryl's Doggie Daycare

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I have been taking Raleigh to Cheryl's for years. My dog plays all day with her dog friends in a safe, huge indoor yard and happily curls up for a nap when she gets home.

- Donna Bergemann

I am writing on behalf of my small child, her name is Tressie and she is a miniature Schnauzer. She can almost do anything but not too good on the puter. I tried for quite a while to find someone to groom her and pamper her the way I would. Then came Cheryls Doggie Day Care, Oh My !!!! My Tressie loves to go to see Cheryl and all her babies lol You always know when your doggies are being taken care of, they will tell you !!!

Cheryl does a magnificent job with her grooming and always does her nails. Never know what color they will be, I think it is a secret between Cheryl and Tressie but I know it depends on the season lol. Cheryl is so loving to animals, all animals. She has such a kind heart and I tell everyone where I take my loved one. Tressie says she will see you all there. You will be in for a treat at Cheryls Doggie Day Care.

- Nancy & Tressie Murphy

"We are so thankful for Cheryl and her team. Our pup Rufus was a daycare veteran by the time we moved to Hilliard and we had very high standards for our new local doggie daycare. We had tried other corporate daycare centers and while they had flashy websites and shiny new facilities, we always felt like they were lacking where it really counted: in the devotion to giving the dogs what they needed, a great day full of play and healthy interaction with other pups and people.

Cheryl's Doggie Daycare was exactly what we were looking for. Cheryl and her team take such good care of Rufus, playing fetch with him and making sure he has a great, safe time doing what he loves the most- playing with other dogs all day long. And knowing that Cheryl does not discriminate against certain breeds is a major plus for us. Our dog (a Lab/Border collie mix) loves to play with friendly dogs of all breeds and we're happy that he's able to do that at Cheryl's.

I also love that Cheryl donates her time and facilities to dogs from the Capital Area Humane Society so they get the exercise and socialization they need, which in turn will help them find a loving forever home. I think this speaks volumes of Cheryl and it makes me proud to be her customer and support her and her passion for taking great care of dogs (including ours)!"

- Samantha, Brent, Charlotte, and Rufus

Thank you so much for the picture frame of Raney! That was so sweet of you and we loved the photo. Damon and I have said many times that we wonder if we could have survived the beginning with Raney without your help. I doubt it. She is our baby and we are so thrilled we found you and that you appreciate Raney as well.

- Emily & Damon B.

Thank you so much for keeping Hayley safe and happy while I am at work. I greatly appreciate all that you and your employees do.

- Sara & Hayley M.

Thank you for letting me come to daycare and play! I love it! I get so excited and get "wiggle butt"! You all are the best.

- Gage

Thank you so much for taking care of Molly and Rosco while we were on vacation. It was so nice to know that we didn't have to worry about them, they were safe & sound.

- Shelly & David D.

I want to thank you for all that you have done for me and Maya. She was so good when I brought her home Sunday. Because of your kindness you have made it easier for me to keep her in a good home.

- Ruth & Maya

Though I have never been to Cheryl's doggie daycare, I intend on going there very soon and for a long time to come! I recently adopted a dog at a local shelter here in Columbus who was there for nearly a year. It breaks my heart to know for over 300 days he just sat in his cage alone. The staff told me what kept him going was Cheryl at Cheryl's Doggie Daycare who opened up her arms and allowed Hulk (in addition to other homeless pets) to attend daycare FREE four days a week for months to help relieve the stress that he was experiencing being at the shelter! How many doggie daycares do that?? I am so thankful to know someone made my new lovable pooch happy for so long! Thank you Cheryl, you are one of a kind!

- Jamie & Hulk